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Deep Sky

Double-click on any image to enlarge, right click to download.

Geoff Cowie's image of M42 taken on 17 Feb 2018 is a single 4.77s exposure, using ZWO ASI120MC video camera & C8 203mm SCT:



Geoff Cowie C8 SCT + ASI120MC camera on 20 May.  These are single shots. These nebulae are around 9th magnitude. Note the blue colour.

NGC6210 NGC6572 Cat's Eye Nebula



Sheridan's images:

M31 from Libyan desert in Dec 2006

Milky Way near Cassiopeia 2014-10-29 from Arizona

Barnard's Loop in Orion

Peter Hudson, John Walters and Sheridan Williams' images using OU's Alan Cooper telescope:

M3 - June 2009 M13 - June 2009 M57 - June 2009

Nick Evett's images: 

Caldwell 30 (NGC7331) from Canary Islands 2014-10-25, 19-53-08UT M74 - Grand Design Galaxy

NGC6781 - Redeye Nebula

NGC 7293 - The Helix Nebula

M33 - The Triangulum Galaxy

M1 colour stack slightly stretched CMTau just visible by John Walters, Karl Wraight, Jakub Boshinski
and Sebastien ? using the George Abell with the 16" on 16th Jan 2012