North Australia Total Solar Eclipse

Tuesday 13 November 2012 (14 November local Cairns time)

Δt=1.15 minutes

Saros 133 (6)

Gamma -0.3720

Maximum eclipse is of duration 4m 02s at 22:11:48 UT at location 39.96S 161.33W

This eclipse starts at dawn in the very north of Australia, passing over Cairns then narrowly missing Norfolk Island the track manages to cross the Pacific without making landfall anywhere.

Cloud cover prospects in November courtesy of Jay Anderson

If you want to see the tracks of the 6 total solar eclipses to cross Australia in 26 years - click here.

World View

2010 world view

Track past Norfolk Island plus view from the island

2012 total eclipse passes Norfolk Island  2012 total eclipse view from Norfolk island

Local circumstances (click for full table)

Location Lat Long Start End Mid Dur
Cairns 16 54' S 145 46' E 19:44:59 21:40:37 20:39:48 2m 04s
Port Douglas 16 28' S 145 26' E 19:44:41 21:39:55 20:39:36 1m 57s
Norfolk Island 29 01'S 167 58'E 20:01:26 22:22:25 21:07:46 99%

All times are UT (GMT). When local time is taken into account, the date is early on 14 November.

Places outside totality (Not yet calculated - watch this space)

The start of a great Australian eclipse age

In 26 years Australia will witness 6 total solar eclipses, probably not a record, but pretty impressive nonetheless. There are plenty of crossing places where, if you live, you will see 2 eclipses from the same spot. There are no places where 3 intersect though.

If you want to see two successive total eclipses in 2037 and 2038 from the same location, you will have to go to Point Robert in Australia or pop across to New Zealand:

and find your way to this tiny piece of New Zealand:

Please click here to email me eclipse-related questions, such as timings for a particular location.

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