Bishop Challoner School - Class of 1966
Gossip - Tittle-tattle
David Crane has been married 4 times and spends his time as a smithy living in Yorkshire
Sheridan Williams is educational guide at Bletchley Park’s National Museum of Computing.
Graeme Beacom is retired and is now a Toastmaster, and Civil Funeral Celbrant
Paul Norgrove died on 22 May 2004
Jerry Fenn died in July 2007, he lived near Gloucester
Mr Shaw the mathematics teacher was still teaching at Bishop Challoner in 2016
Chris Bates (the chemistry teacher) has been to our reunions
Kevin McCardell lives in Wales
David Martin runs Midas Capital Inc.
Michael Dent is Colonel Michael John Dent, CBE. Late Royal Corps of Signals Jim Palmer died on 6 January 2014 Kevin McArdell died in 2017
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