European and North Pole Total Solar Eclipse

Friday 20 March 2015

Δt=1.17 minutes

Saros 120 (28)

Gamma 0.9452

Maximum eclipse of duration 2m 49s is at 09:45:36 UT at location 64.41N 6.58W.

Maximum width of shadow 485km, maximum solar elevation 18.5

Cloud cover prospects in March courtesy of Jay Anderson

World View

Faroe Islands


Local Circumstances

Location Latitude Longitude Start Mid End


Alt Az


London 5130'N 005'W 08:24:48 09:30:54 10:40:54 84% 29  
Mangersta, Isle of Lewis, Scotland 5810'N 706'W 8:31:54 09:35:30 10:42:30 98% 22  
Spitzbergen 7800'N 1703'E 09:12:00 10:11:36 11:12:46 2m 27s    


North Pole 9000'N 000'E 09:43:46 10:18:36 11:12:21 1m 58s 0.3  


Thorshavn 6201'N 646'W 08:38:48 09:41:54 10:47:36 2m 04s 20 133



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