Britain's Annular Solar Eclipse

31 May 2003

Saros 147 (-18)
Gamma 0.996
ΔT = 64.6s

by Sheridan Williams


As in the soft and sweet eclipse
When soul meets soul on lover's lips
Prometheus Unbound - Shelley

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An annular eclipse is one where the Moon is too small to cover the Sun completely, and leaves a proportion of the Sun showing. Annular eclipses can pass unnoticed because the remaining part of the Sun is so bright the environment is not noticeably dimmed.

Here is a compilation of images and web sites from various locations.
Location Long (W) Lat (N) Observer

Best View

Coldbackie, near Tongue 4° 23'W 58° 30' Norman NcNab
Butt of Lewis     Ross Bennie & Morven McLean
Dornoch, Scotland 4° 01'W 57° 53' Peter Hancock Dornoch-Peter Hancock
Near Melvaig, Rossshire     Fran Cree & Chris Barrett

Dornoch, Scotland


Lee Montgomerie
Vienna, Austria     Heinz Scsibrany

Durness 4° 45'W 58° 34' Jörg Schoppmeyer Jörg Schoppmeyer from Durness
Sango Bay 4° 44'W 58° 34'
Julien & Patrick Onderbeke
Therese & Lieve Ongena
Annie Schoenmaeckers & Ronald Vandenberge
Hilde Vandenbossche & Walter Dierickx


10km above sea level, in flight NW34 from Seattle to Amsterdam. Location somewhere between Faroe and Shetland Islands, in the area when the eclipse was annular at 03:49 UT.     Olivier Staiger Olivier Staiger from the air
Mundesley, Norfolk 1° 26'E 52° 53' Filipe and Lucia Filipe and Lucia
Tarbat Ness Portmahomack Easter Ross     John Robertson
Portmahomack Easter Ross     Michael Kunz
Leicester, England     Geoff Harrison
Bettyhill, Scotland     Pam and David Sykes
Ben Hope, Scotland     Colin Cadden
Suter Hill, Cromarty     Paul Harris
Mountain "Saile", 2404m a.s.l, above Innsbruck 11° 19'E 47° 12' Andreas Fink
Olafsfjördur, Iceland     Timo Karhula
Eyjafjordur fjord about 15 km north of the town of Akureyi, Iceland     Fred Espenak
Skagafjordur fiord), Iceland 20° 08'W 66° 08' Raymond Brooks Success, but no picture yet
John o' Groats 3° 04'W 58° 39' Fred Bruenjes Clouded out but here's the story:
Shetland 1° 09' 60° 09' Stephen McCann Clouded out
Mey, Caithness 3° 13'W 58° 39' Sheridan Williams Clouded out
Isafjordur, Iceland    

Christophe Marlot

Success, but no picture yet
Sinclair Bay, north of Wick     Val and Andrew White
Iceland from the air     Jay Pasachoff
Hohen Preissenberg, Bavaria     AFP
Germany 11° 55'E 51° 38' Marc Weihrauch

Delfzijl, Netherlands     Reinder Bouma
Nesoddtangen, Norway     Arne Danielsen
Eyjafjord, Iceland     Richard Monk
Iceland     Snaevarr Gudmundsson
Ackergill, Scotland     "Ecliptomaniacs"
Vilvoorde, Belgium     Willy Menekens

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Eclipse T-shirts

Paul Sutherland writes:
I went with Robin Scagell to Melvich where we manage to see it from about 5 minutes after annularity onwards. We were not unhappy.

We were struck by the absence of any sort of souvenir of the occasion which was a shame. In an attempt to rectify things, I have produced some T-shirt images which can be found here Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but there may well be people who want a souvenir.

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